Minecraft Data Values

This list shows the Data Values in Minecraft. Data values are used everywhere in Minecraft. You can’t see them, but they define all block, items, biomes etc.

Data values are used to spawn items, where you need to know the block or item id, for example with the /give command used in the Single Player Commands mod.

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Minecraft data values overview


Block ID’s

These values apply to both inventory items and to blocks placed in the world.


D Requires additional data from the saved game’s Data array to fully define the block.
I Has a different ID as an inventory item.
B Requires additional data in the item’s Damage field to fully define the inventory item.
T Requires a tile entity to store additional data.
Red Cannot be legitimately obtained. Only available using the /give command or via inventory editors.
Light blue Cannot be obtained in any way.
Blue Only available in Creative mode in item list.
Purple Available in Creative mode in block list.
Teal Can be obtained by trading with villagers or in Creative mode.
Green Only available by Enchanting tools or in Creative mode.
Yellow green Only available by Enchanting tools, cannot be obtained in Creative mode.
Orange Not in the current version of the game. Only available in an update yet to be released.
Grey Unused data.


Minecraft 1.6.2 Block ID's

Item ID’s

All items have values above 255, making it easy to separate the Block ID’s from the Item ID’s. Entries marked with a D require additional data to fully define the item in a Beta world. The chainmail set is currently unobtainable without hacking or, in multiplayer, the /give server command. It is available in Creative mode, however.

Minecraft 1.6.2 Item ID's

Entity ID’s

Minecraft 1.6.2 entity id’s.

Minecraft 1.6.2 Entity ID's

Biome ID’s

Minecraft 1.6.2 biome ID’s.

Dec Biome
0 Ocean
1 Plains
2 Desert
3 Extreme Hills
4 Forest
5 Taiga
6 Swampland
7 River
8 Hell (Nether)
9 Sky (End)
10 Frozen Ocean
11 Frozen River
12 Ice Plains
13 Ice Mountains
14 Mushroom Island
15 Mushroom Island Shore
16 Beach
17 Desert Hills
18 Forest Hills
19 Taiga Hills
20 Extreme Hills Edge
21 Jungle
22 Jungle Hills
-1 (Uncalculated)

Enchantment ID’s

Minecraft 1.6.2 Enchantment ID’s.

ID Enchantment Enchantable Item(s)
0 Protection Armor
1 Fire Protection Armor
2 Feather Falling Boots
3 Blast Protection Armor
4 Projectile Protection Armor
5 Respiration Helmets
6 Aqua Affinity Helmets
7 Thorns Armor
16 Sharpness Swords, Axes
17 Smite Swords, Axes
18 Bane of Arthropods Swords, Axes
19 Knockback Swords
20 Fire Aspect Swords
21 Looting Swords
32 Efficiency Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes, Shears
33 Silk Touch Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes, Shears
34 Unbreaking Any Item with Durability
35 Fortune Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes
48 Power Bow
49 Punch Bow
50 Flame Bow
51 Infinity Bow

This list of Minecraft data values applies to Minecraft version 1.6.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2 and 1.7.3.

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