Not Enough Items (NEI) Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7/1.6

Creator: chicken_bones

Similar to the Too Many Items Mod, the Not Enough Items Mod (NEI) is a mod that adds an in-game inventory editor, allowing you to quickly and easily spawn items, blocks, mobs and everything else in the game, in whatever game mode you like.

It is very helpful when you are about to build large structures, as it saves you all the time it would otherwise take to gather materials. So if you dislike that part of the game, but still want to build huge structures and let your creativity flow, this is a perfect mod for you.

Not Enough Items Mod

The mod also includes a nifty search function, so it is even easier to find whatever you are looking for in the inventory screen, and also every single crafting recipe in the game, available by clicking on the arrow when accessing a crafting bench, like this:

Not Enough Items Mod

This should lead you to a screen that looks like this:

Not Enough Items Mod

To access the features of the mod, simply press your inventory key when in-game (“i” is default).

From here you can also change the time of the day, heal yourself, change gamemode, turn magnet mode on or off and turn delete mode on or off (deletes whatever you click on in your inventory).

You can also access the other options of the mod from here, view or change keybindings, access commands and more.

While Minecraft Forge is not required, if it is not installed you won’t be able to see mobs in mobspawner items.

Not Enough Items 1.6.4 Mod Changelogs
  • Drag n Drop
  • You can now wear blocks in the head slot in C+
  • Swapped +/-
  • C+ add items to inv
  • Usage on furance stacks = stack size 1
  • Disable properties per world
  • Add items to chests
  • Server security validation.
  • Fix banned blocks without damage values
  • Hide +/- in recipe mode
  • Subclass overrides for buttons etc, remove NEIController most functions
  • Improved give mechanics
  • Fixed auto hidden parts
  • Organised the click manager
  • Creative searching
  • Finish Layout Manager
  • Return mod info.
  • Recipes per page.
  • Add creative tabs as dropdowns
  • Component based inventory save.
  • Massive Internal reworking
  • No need to relog when changing OP state.
  • Better shift click, armour, etc.
  • Clean CCCore
  • Fixed bug with double clicking C+ button.


How to install Not Enough Items Mod for Minecraft:

  • Download the CodeChickenCore and Not Enough Items mods.
  • Download and install Minecraft Forge if you do not already have it.
  • Close Minecraft.
  • Place the CodeChickenCore jar file into the mods folder.
  • Place the Not Enough Items jar file into the mods folder.
  • Place any modules’ zip files in the mods folder.
  • Enjoy your new enhanced inventory screen!

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