All Biomes Seed: -8913466909937400889


If you want a seed that has pretty much every single biome you need in, in range of each other nonetheless, then you will love the all biomes in one map seed!

This seed has them all, and they’re all connected or close to each other, so if you want to make something that uses every biome, or just likes to have the various environments close, this seed is perfect.

It also has plenty of other cool places, but I’ll get to them in a bit.

First, some details about the seed:

Seed: -8913466909937400889

World Type: Default

Spawn: X: 267 Y: 69 Z: 245

Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.8

Check out this cool overview map to get a look at all the biomes:

All Biomes Seed

Here is a look at the area around the spawn, with a “lavafall” right nearby (which also sets fire to the grass):

All Biomes Seed
A nice cozy lavafall near spawn. X: 267 / Y: 69 / Z: 254

A nice plains biome, with a mountain nearby, snow, forest in the distance, and water. Pretty good so far.

Next up is a surface skeleton spawner, for all your various skeleton needs:

All Biomes Seed
A skelly spawner in the desert. X: -248 / Y: 60 / Z: -543

You should probably gear up before approaching it. It also might be under a thin layer of sand.

If you want some mushroom cows, look no further than this mooshroom island:

All Biomes Seed
“Moo… shroom” says the Mooshroom cow. X: -1049 / Y: 70 / Z: -1772

Yummy! A good and steady supply of food is now in the bag!

If you’re looking for mesas, then go on over to this area, as it has what you seek:

All Biomes Seed
Mesa biome and desert village. X: -1632 / Y: 100 / Z: 1883

Coincidentally, there is also a nice desert village right next to this biome. Convenient!

Now for one of my personal favorite biomes, the ice spikes! They look like this:

All Biomes Seed
Ice spikes biome. X: 1003 / Y: 100 / Z: -234

Neat huh? Now you can act like Elsa from Frozen all you want, and just… let it go!

Want to play Robin Hood or just make cool forest builds, this seed has you covered with the roofed forest:

All Biomes Seed
Roofed forest biome. X: 152 / Y: 90 / Z: -514

Also a swamp and a plains biome right next to it. Not bad!

There also a great savanna to be found, this one also with a desert village right next door:

All Biomes Seed
Savanna biome. X: -1350 / Y: 100 / Z: 1156


For all your savanna/village needs!

And finally, a witch hut pretty close to spawn, seen here:

All Biomes Seed
Witch hut. X: 304 / Y: 72 / Z: -752

Pretty lonely place, but I think she likes it like that.

Anyways, that was some of the more interesting areas of this seed, be sure to check it out and have fun! Every biome in close proximity, not an everyday occurrence!

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