Minecraft Island Village Seed: -786688341


This seed is great for several reasons. First of all, you spawn on a desert island, right next to a grassland island with a village on it. First awesome thing about this seed.

Next, on the desert island that you spawn on, there’s a lava pool, making it a very useful island after all, despite being pretty barren otherwise.

But that is not all, in the water outside the island with the village on, you will find an end portal.

And we are not done yet. If you build a netherportal in the back room of the end portal room, you will build a portal leading right to a nether fortress!

This seed pretty much has it all, and it’s hard to imagine a better seed than this.

Rumor has it that there is also several mine shafts hidden beneath the island village, and in the surrounding oceans, but I have yet to find them.

Seed: -786688341

World Type: Default

Spawn: X: -466 Y: 62 Z: -602

Tested in: Minecraft 1.6.2

Here are some screenshots showing of the various awesome places in this island village seed:

First of, here is the aforementioned lava pool, giving you easy access to lava:

Island Village Seed

Then there’s the village itself, on the bigger green island, notice the square building in the back of the island, that is where the end portal is located:

Island Village Seed

Here’s the end portal room, if you build an netherportal in the back of this room, you’ll get to where the next screenshot is from:

Island Village Seed

Here you can see where the netherportal will take you, right to a nether fortress:

Minecraft Island Village Seed

It would be hard to craft a seed better than this by hand, it really has it all, and players beginning here will have many perks from the get go.

So go ahead, build your new island empire here, the monsters won’t know what hit them.

Please leave a comment if you find any other cool stuff in this seed, there’s bound to be more.

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