100 Diamonds Seed for Minecraft 1.7.9: -1339183346


This seed pretty much has it all, and easy access to many materials from the get go, so it is perfect if you want to start a new world.

Right off the bat you’re spawned right next to a desert NPC village that sits on the border to a plains/forest biome, so you’ll have company right away.

The nearby desert is also full of awesome loot for you to pillage, first a desert temple blocking a river which contains an Enchanted Book, and then another temple on the border of the mesa biome, this one containing diamonds.

The mesa biome itself contains a stronghold some way down it, where you will find an End Portal for quick access to the Ender Dragon.

Here is some more info about this particular seed:

Seed: “100 Diamonds” or “-1339183346”

World Type: Default (Minecraft 1.7.9 required)

Spawn: X: 112 / Y: 68 / Z: 131

NPC Village:

100 Diamonds Seed
X: -112 / Y: 68 / Z: 131

First Desert Temple with the Enchanted Book:

100 Diamonds Seed
X: -165 / Y: 65 / Z: 275

Second Desert Temple with the Diamonds:

100 Diamonds Seed
X: -145 / Y: 71 / Z: 607

The Stronghold and End Portal:

100 Diamonds Seed
This is the mesa area with the stronghold beneath it. X: 454 / Y: 90 / Z: 690
100 Diamonds Seed
A hole I dug to show the where the End Portal is, you can see part of it down there. X: 454 / Y: 90 / Z: 690
100 Diamonds Seed
The End Portal in the stronghold. X: 457 / Y: 42 / Z: 692

There you have it, a great seed for anyone, with plenty of resources from the get go. You won’t have to search for the villagers, they’re right where you spawn, in the vicinity you’ll find two desert temples with great loot, and the End Portal is not far away.

Other than that, there is plenty of different biomes around the spawn area, you’ll find deserts, mesas, plains and forests right away, and the forest near the first desert temple even have mushroom trees in it.

Please leave a comment below if you find other cool areas in this seed, and enjoy!

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