Minecraft Custom Client Wrapper hack


This hack lets you fly, move faster and noclip.

Version 1.5.9 works with Minecraft Classic 0.30.

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Before you start
The Minecraft Distribution Policy: The Custom Client Wrapper package does not contain the original client code “minecraft.jar” which is copyright and the intellectual property of Mojang Specifications. We do not have the right to package this file and distribute it to you, so you will need to download this component from the official minecraft website and place it into the lib folder of the extracted custom client wrapper package yourself.
The URL is: https://s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftDownload/classic/minecraft.jar
When you have downloaded this, you may proceed.

How to use Custom Client

To start up the game, simply download the client wrapper package below, extract it, put the official minecraft.jar (which you downloaded from the official site) into the lib folder and then execute run.bat. The external client application will prompt you for your login details and then allow you to select from the available servers, or enter your own server link to connect.


When the client application completes loading you will be able to access the following special functions:
Keys W A S D – movement keys as normal.
Z – press to toggle on/off fly mode.
X – noclip mode while held down.
Q E – up and down when in fly mode.
Shift – Turn on 5x speed while held down.
Ctrl – Turn on 2x speed while held down.

Noclip mode – Hold down the X key while moving/flying to go through solid objects or outside the normal map boundaries. If you release the button while inside solid block or outside the map, you will get stuck. Simply hold down again to continue moving.

Download package

Click here to Download.

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