FabooPack Resource Pack

Creator: Faboo

FabooPack has some modern aspects, nothing too futuristic though. Lightweight, but aiming for warm and bright colors and semi-realistic textures without grain.

In-game Screenshots

FabooPack Resource Pack FabooPack Resource Pack FabooPack Resource Pack FabooPack Resource Pack

Nice and smooth textures.

Comparison between the default vanilla Minecraft resource pack and FabooPack

Default Minecraft Resource Pack

FabooPack Resource Pack for Minecraft

It is recommended to have MCPatcher or OptiFine installed – this makes texture packs better.

How to install FabooPack for Minecraft

  1. Download the resource pack
  2. Optional: install MCPatcher or OptiFine
  3. Start Minecraft.
  4. Press Esc and to to options.
  5. Click on “Resource Packs”.
  6. Click on “Open resource pack folder”.
  7. Move the resource pack you downloaded (zip file) into the resource pack folder.
  8. The texture pack should now appear in Minecraft, click on the right arrow to move it to “Selected Resource Packs”
  9. Click Done.
  10. That’s it – enjoy!


Video showcase of FabooPack

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