Ice Spikes Seed for Minecraft 1.8: 85490543201


Do you love winter? Ice? Frozen wastelands? Perhaps even frozen ice wastelands, with SPIKES? Then this Ice Spikes Seed is perfect for you!

Seed info

Seed ID: 85490543201

World Type: Default

Spawn: X: 241 / Y: 70 / Z: 248

Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.8.1+ (tested in Minecraft 1.8.3)

Ice Spikes Seed
Ice Spikes! So cool! And pretty! X: -223 / Y: 64 / Z: 176

When you spawn in this seed, you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of a frozen wasteland full of large ice spikes, with opportunity knocking at every corner! You can make snowmen right away, build igloos, climb the frozen ice spikes, and try to survive the harsh temperature, deadly wasteland, and unforgiving lifestyle this fantastic area offers. Alternatively, you could trek south towards the beach.

Moving south from spawn and past the beach, you’ll find an ocean monument slightly below the surface, full of loot probably, and deadly guardians, so you probably shouldn’t venture out there too soon, gearing up first would probably be a good idea.

Ice Spikes Seed
The ocean monument! Slightly below the surface, full of guardians, dangerous. X: -342 / Y: 61 / Z: 632

North from spawn is more ice, snow, and frozen-ness, but also a rather cool ice chasm with lava pouring out of one of the sides, it looks pretty great.

Ice Spikes Seed
Hot and cold! A frozen chasm with lava, great! X: -399 / Y: 65 / Z: -601

Although there is not much more interesting things in the way of temples with loot, villages, or other “useful” things, it does have some rather beautiful sights, such as a cool frozen beachfront.

Ice Spikes Seed
Wow! So frozen! So scenic!

Plenty of frozen forests are also to be found, plenty of trees, ripe for getting cut down, and provide you with the precious and very useful wood.

Ice Spikes Seed
Plenty of trees, ripe for being cut down and harvested for the wood.

East of spawn, if you move far enough, you will end up in a damp marsh, which some might find to be a more suitable area to build a base, or maybe a summer home away from all the cold, snow, and ice.

Ice Spikes Seed
The marsh! Not so cold, not so frozen. X: 709 / Y: 127 / Z: 200

Should you decide to move east, you will likely also stumble upon a pretty cool mountain with a hole straight through it which looks kind of cool.

Ice Spikes Seed
The mountain! Hole straight through, ample opportunity for development. X: -685 / Y: 97 / Z: 263

That some of the more interesting things to be found in the immediate vicinity of the spawn, and as you probably noticed, the main attraction of this is the ice spikes and the ocean monument. Check it out if you want, the ice spikes biome is somewhat rare, so its nice to have a seed with them right at the beginning.

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