Minecraft Hollow Mountain Seed: 6047250834192100109


This seed comes with a cool hollow mountain, which provides ample opportunities for every miner.

It has several entrances, which you can either use or block, making it more or less accessible.

As mentioned, there is a lot of opportunities in this hollow mountain, do you want to create your own Moria from Lord of the Rings? Then go ahead, less digging is required as much of the mountain is already hollowed out. Or perhaps you just want some shelter for your little wooden hut? Well then this is the place for you.

It can also be remade into your own personal fortress of doom, or a beaming fortress city which is a shining beacon of hope. Or maybe something completely different, like your own volcano perhaps?

The possibilities are plenty, so go ahead and give this hollow mountain your best shot!

The mountain itself is surrounded by two jungle biomes, a swamp biome and some forest biomes, so plenty of diverse areas.

Seed: 6047250834192100109

World Type: Default


X: 91 Y: 74 Z: 195

This seed has been tested and confirmed working with Minecraft version 1.6.2

To show it off, here are some screenshots of the place:

Hollow Mountain 1 Hollow Mountain 2 Hollow Mountain 3

A pretty great seed, with ample opportunities.

If you find anything interesting in this seed, please leave a comment so other players can benefit as well.

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