Moses Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2


Moses Mod is a mod that gives you the same abilities as Moses, or rather, his probably most famous ability: The ability to part oceans.

This mod makes you able to part oceans (and even lava) with the two new staves this mod introduces: the Staff of Moses and the Burnt Staff of Moses.

Both staves have the ability to part water, but in order to part lava as well, you need to get the Burn Staff. To part water (or lava) simply look at what you want to part, and right click. Bam, instant miracle!
To undo the parting, simply right click again.

Creating these staves are actually very simple: Throw a stick at a burning bush (the leaves of trees count as this) and you will get the Staff of Moses. In order to get the Burning Staff of Moses, you have to find some lava, and then throw your Staff of Moses into it. The hardest part is getting it back out.

All these features are pretty cool, but that is not all these staves do. Whenever you hit a stone block (with you left click), that block will turn into water (be careful not to drown yourself), making light of stone removal. However, now you got a bunch of water to clean up instead, so again, be careful.

Also, whenever you part water or lava, a sound from the movie “The Prince of Egypt” will play.

Neither of the staves lose any durability (they are artifacts from God after all), so you don’t have to “worry” about making new ones, not that they are very hard to make.

The mod requires Minecraft Forge in order to function properly.

Here you can see Moses Mod in action:

First, there is the parting of the oceans

Moses Mod for Minecraft Moses Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

And then, the parting of lava, I don’t think this was ever in the bible though, not that it matters

Moses Mod for Minecraft Moses Mod for Minecraft

So if you have always wanted to have the power of the divine in your hands, then Moses Mod is perfect for you. Also perfect for exploring caves and seas, as this is very useful indeed.

How to install the Moses Mod:

  • Download the mod
  • If you don’t have Forge, then download and install Forge for Minecraft (remember to select the “Forge” profile in the Minecraft launcher)
  • Open your minecraft.jar folder (in Windows it’s in “%appdata%\.minecraft\bin\”, if you use the vanilla launcher)
  • Copy the mod from wherever you downloaded it from to the “mod” folder found in your “.minecraft” folder
  • Delight in your new-found divine power, and go divide some seas!

Here is a video showcasing the mod:

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