Stratosphere Survival Map for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2


The Stratosphere Survival Map is another “survive on a floating island in the sky”-type of maps, similar to SkyBlock and 4 Pillars Survival, however this one has a twist.

First of all, the island you spawn on is much bigger to begin with, with a lot more resources. Secondly, there are more than one island to progress to, in fact there are several. Thirdly, every single island has many secrets hidden in or beneath them, so do some digging and find valuable resources to help you survive, but be careful, there are also monsters hidden in the depths of each island, not to mention the danger of falling out of the world and dying.

Stratosphere Survival Map for Minecraft

Dying means you will have to start over from the beginning, unless you construct beds along your way, so try not to die, and if you die, try not to be because you fell over the edge of the islands and into the void, you won’t be able to reclaim your items then.

Stratosphere Survival Map

The map also has a story, you are playing as a “warden” for the “Stratosphere Facility”, and you are on your way to the stratosphere, a place filled with flying islands, in order to search for an agent who have gone missing, agent 843. However, on your way there to the islands, the plane you are on catches fire, and it starts to plummet towards the ground. In desperation you smash a window and jump, barely making it out alive, and landing on the soft grass of the first island. The rest of the plane and its passengers found a fiery and gruesome death below. Now you must explore the Stratosphere and see how long you can survive, and if you can figure out the way onto the next island, and the next, and the next, until you reach the end.

Stratosphere Survival Map

The rules of the map are:

  • Do not use any gameplay altering mods (no giving yourself items or blocks through toomanyitems etc.)
  • Do not use any hacks or cheats
  • All in all, don’t use any gameplay changers.
  • Play in easy or above
  • Have fun and enjoy the map
This map also have some challenges issued by its creator, they are as follows (click here to expand)


  • Find 3 temples
  • Get to the nether
  • Discover Notchs true intentions
  • Find 15 diamonds
  • Complete the volcano maze
  • Beat the grassland dungeons (on the first island)
  • Pray to the Lord of Fire, the God of Ice, and The Creator
  • Kill the Ender Dragon
  • Discover the Village of the Damned
  • Find the Diamond Block of the Damned
  • Explore the sewers
  • Find a strip club
  • Complete your mission, and follow the tracks of agent 843 to his last know location
  • Restore The Fortress of Flame to its former glory (remove all the cobwebs)


  • Farm 64 melon blocks
  • Farm 64 Jack’o’lanterns
  • Bake 128 bread
  • Create a Slime Farm (Hint: Mojang are very close friends with the slimes)
  • Create a mob spawner/experience farm
  • Create an automatic mushroom farm (so it is harvested by pressing a button)


  • Create a portal to the Nether
  • Make an enchantment table
  • Get a silk touch pickaxe, made by any mateiral
  • Create 5 Eye of Enders
  • Brew at least 5 different potions
  • Bake a cake
  • Create an iron block
  • Create a gold block
  • Make something cool with redstone
  • Make 5 magma cream
  • Build your own house with the testificates
  • Connect all the islands
  • link at least one island by rail
  • Create 5 iron golems


All in all it is a cool survival map that unlike SkyBlock and 4 Pillar Survival has an adventure aspect to it, as there are many islands with many secrets in this map.

Stratosphere Survival Map

How to install Stratosphere Survival Map for Minecraft:

  • Download the map.
  • Go to your %appdata%/.minecraft folder.
  • Open the “saves” folder.
  • Unzip the map you downloaded and put it in the saves folder.
  • That’s it – now explore, see if you can beat the challenges, and survive!
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