Minecraft Triple Desert Villages Seed: -823973056


A very good world that at the first glance it seems to be a very unlucky seed.

Here are the details of it:

Seed ID: -823973056

World Type: Default

X: -381.83
Y: 69
Z: 252.42

You spawn on a isolated island with pretty much nothing on it, but you will quickly see another island close by, full of trees, taking care of the first obstacle of finding wood.

Seed -823973056
The island on which you spawn, not much of interest here, although plenty of sheep are around.

From that island you will see another island, and close to that, the first mainland you will encounter. This mainland consists of several biomes, the first of which you are likely to see being the savanna biome. Right next to this is a MASSIVE desert biome, and its here many of the treasures are.

Seed -823973056
The second island you will find, this one has trees .

Seed -823973056
At last, the mainland, featuring a savanna biome.

This desert contains, among many things, at least three desert villages in close proximity to each other, which is very nice and rare, as well as at least 2 desert temples.

Seed -823973056 7
The first village you are likely to encounter, this one has a desert temple close by (to the west of it).

Seed -823973056 6
The second village (measuring in proximity to spawn), plenty of huts and villagers here as well.

Seed -823973056 8
And finally the third village, this one with the amazing savanna plateau biome in the background, at the edge of the desert.

In one of the temples, you will find a diamond, a emerald, a lot of gold bars, gold horse armor, and enchanted book and other stuff, although the rest is of lesser value, such as bones and rotten meat.

Seed -823973056
The temple close to the first village (slightly visible in the background) containing a diamond, gold, and more.

Close to the desert villages that is farthest away from the spawn you will find an awesome savanna plateau mountain, that really looks great and can be used for so many cool things and builds, really a good starting point for many builds.

Minecraft Triple Desert Villages Seed: -823973056
The very cool savanna plateau, this screenshot does not do it justice.

If you instead of going east from spawn, towards the island with trees on it, and instead move west, you will encounter a pretty large mesa biome, with many cool crevices, mountainous areas and more.

Seed -823973056
The mesa biome island found west of your spawning point.

This is a pretty cool seed with lots of pretty and cool natural formations, as well as useful features such as the triple desert villages and desert temples.

Seed -823973056
The beginning of the vast desert, and also a very good place to build a harbor for the three villages.


It has been tested and proved to be working in Minecraft 1.7.4, but no other versions have been tested. It might work in lower 1.7 versions, but it is unlikely to work in any version lower than 1.7, because of the changes in biomes and world-generation that update brought with it.

Seed -823973056
A very cool desert/stone pillar found to the east, a nice natural landmark. One of the villages is close to this.

Enjoy, and remember that you are more than welcome to share any cool finds you might make below in the comment section.

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