Minecraft Guides and Tutorials

Explore various Minecraft guides, tutorials and how-to’s. For example guides on how to install mods, skins, resource packs etc.

Minecraft Mods

Installing Mods – How to Install Mods in Minecraft

Installing mods for Minecraft – This guide will take you through all the steps of how to install mods in Minecraft. Mods is a great way to customize your Minecraft experience. While some mods are easy to install, others require a bigger effort to get installed correctly. In this guide we will try to show […]

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Minecraft Potion

Minecraft Potions Brewing Guide

This Minecraft potions brewing guide, will take you through all the steps to make potions in Minecraft. To get started with your new potions lab, you need to craft are brewing stand. Head over to our crafting recipes, you will always find updated recipes here. Step one is to make a brewing stand. This is […]

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Minecraft run app data

How to Install Minecraft Maps / Save Games

This guide / tutorial descripe how to install maps and world save games for Minecraft. Download the map you want to play from our Minecraft Maps section. Press start and in the search field type in “run” and press enter. In the run dialoge box type “%appdata%\.minecraft\”, this will open up your Minecraft folder where […]

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How To Change Your Minecraft Skin

This guide shows you how to change your Minecraft Skin in a few simple steps. Find a Skin you like. Check out the Minecraft Skins Section. Go to Minecraft.net and log in. On the top menu, click on “Profile” (or click here). Upload your skin under “Change how you look in Minecraft” Go play Minecraft […]

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