Minecraft Potions Brewing Guide

July 11, 2013

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This Minecraft potions brewing guide, will take you through all the steps to make potions in Minecraft.

To get started with your new potions lab, you need to craft are brewing stand. Head over to our crafting recipes, you will always find updated recipes here.

Step one is to make a brewing stand. This is done by combining a blaze rod and three cobblestones.

Crafting a Brewing stand

Blaze rod can be obtained in the nether world by locating a nether fortress and then a blaze spawner. Upon killing blazes, they will occasionally drop a blaze rod for you.

Place the brewing stand on the ground like a crafting table, and right click the stand. You should see the brewing grid:

Brewing Potions Grid

The top is where you put your ingredients, and the bottom is where the bottles go.

To craft a glass bottle you will need 3 x glass and put it in the crafting grid like this:

Crafting a glass bottle

You will need to fill your glass bottle with water – this is the starting recipe for every potion.

To create a potion, first fill the bottle with water as mentioned and then add the ingredients one by one. You can make three potions at a time. To use a potion, hold your right mouse button while holding the potion. If you have created a splash potion, just throw the potion.

There are 4 tiers of potions, only I and II is brewable (e.g.: Speed I and Speed II).

Base Potions

Awkward Potion = Water bottle + Nether Wart
Thick Potion = Water Bottle + Glowstone Dust
Mundane Potion = Water Bottle + Redstone
Potion Of Weakness = Water Bottle + Fermented Spider Eye

Potions Ingredients

Positive Effect Potions:

  • Blaze Powder (add to an awkward potion to get potion of strength)
  • Ghast Tear (add to an awkward potion to get potion of regeneration)
  • Glistering Melon (add to an awkward potion to get potion of healing)
  • Golden Carrot (add to an awkward potion to get potion of night vision)
  • Magma Cream (add to an awkward potion to get potion of fire resistance)
  • Sugar (add to an awkward potion to get potion of swiftness)

Negative Effect Potions:

  • Fermented Spider Eye (add to an awkward potion to get potion of weakness)
  • Spider Eye (add to an awkward potion to get potion of poison)

Advanced Potions

Positive Effect Potions:

  • Potion of Fire Resistance + Redstone Dust = Potion of Fire Resistance (8:00)
  • Potion of Healing + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Healing (Instant Health II)
  • Potion of Night Vision + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Invisibility
  • Potion of Swiftness + Redstone Dust = Potion of Swiftness (8:00)
  • Potion of Swiftness + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Swiftness (Speed II 1:30)
  • Potion of Strength + Redstone Dust = Potion of Strength (8:00)
  • Potion of Strength + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Strength (Strength II 1:30)

Negative Effect Potions:

  • Potion of Regeneration + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Weakness (1:30)
  • Potion of Strength + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Weakness (1:30)
  • Potion of Poison + Redstone Dust = Potion of Poison (2:00)
  • Potion of Poison + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Poison II (0:22)
  • Potion of Poison + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Harming (Instant Damage)
  • Potion of Harming + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Harming II (Instant Damage)
  • Potion of Fire Resistance + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Slowness (1:30)
  • Potion of Slowness + Redstone Dust = Potion of Slowness (4:00)
  • Potion of Swiftness + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Slowness (1:30) (8:00 -> 4:00)

How to make a Splash potion
Take any potion and add gunpowder to it. This will make it throwable.

Minecraft Potions Brewing Guide

Mojang has made a nice chart, where you can see all the potions and how to make them.

Minecraft Potions Brewing System

A user named KodekPL has also made a nice scheme / chart of the potion system. You find an image of theĀ Minecraft Alchemy Scheme below.

Minecraft Alchemy Scheme

Happy Brewing !

Minecraft Potions Brewing Guide

  • Notch

    it does not say how to make a bottle o’ enchantment :O

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    • tlmedier

      A bottle o’ enchanting cannot be brewed, but can be acquired by trading with a villager priest.

  • Ownedgamerz11

    how to find a nether wart?

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      in nether

  • Percy Bray Brizuela

    nether wart can be found in the nether world and in nether fortress
    (Tips: The update Was pufferfish added the potion so go fishing till you get pufferfish
    pufferfish is rare but its 36wb13 or something snapshots so fish,craft and brew)
    Pufferfish + Awkward Potion = Potion of Water Breathing

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    This potion map is good but it will most definitely require an update as of 1.7.0 for the Water Breathing potion.

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    Spash Potions?

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    how do u brew a potion of invisibility? it dosen’t say

    • Minecraft Guy

      Henrik— Here’s how to make it:
      Step 1: Awkward potion + golden carrot= Potion of night vision
      Step 2: Potion of night vision + fermented spider eye= Potion of invisibility (for 3 minutes)
      Step 3: (optional) Potion of invisibility + redstone dust= Potion of invisibility (for 8 minutes)

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      Awkward potion + glistering melon= Potion of health
      Add glowstone dust= Potion of health (Instant Health II)

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