Cave-In Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8

Creator: danaphanous

Deep beneath the world, in the vast underground depths, you will find bedrock. Normally, nothing can move past this point, and so the world is untouched, unspoiled, and full of mystery and danger. That is, until now..

Cave-In Survival Map

In this map, surveyors of the Villager Mining Corporation has discovered a mysterious anomaly – an unstable chasm in the worlds bedrock layer, allowing access to the depths below. They sent a team of miners to investigate, and to explore these unknown caverns, but upon travelling through, something went horribly wrong.

Suddenly, the ground started shaking by a powerful earthquake, causing the mine to collapse, while sending you and your fellow miners hurtling into the dark depths. When you awoke, you found that the passe through the bedrock had resealed itself, trapping you. Down here, the mobs are strong, the dangers are many, and one misstep could mean death. Can you survive, and forge a living here, or will you find your end in the unknown depths?

Cave-In Survival Map

Your challenge in this Cave-In Survival Map is to survive, live, play, and build, while being constrained to a fully underground environment. Your resources will be limited, your food will be scarce, and the dangers will be many, both from the cave and caverns themselves, but also from its inhabitants. The ultimate challenge of this map is to escape the underground, lest it ends up being your tomb. Will you be able to return to the surface alive, or will you forfeit your life along with every other miner that were with you?

Cave-In Survival Map

You will face many challenges on the way, and the final challenge will be the most insurmountable – solid bedrock. You must find a way through in order to finally see the light of day yet again.

The underground have been customized to be twice as deep as normal in this map, and the world generation have also been altered in other ways in order to give you this completely unique survival experience. Several secrets lie below the earth, undiscovered for eons, and so does a dark malevolent presence, that will stop at nothing to keep its secrets secret.

Cave-In Survival Map

The Cave-In Survival Map is an open survival world. You can travel wherever you wish, do whatever you want, and beat the map however you are able – the only rule is that there are no rules. There is a list of challenges to go with this map, but they are optional. Of course, for the optimal experience, avoid cheats and mods that act like cheats or hacks, as games are generally more fun without them. This new world requires a whole new set of rules if you wish to survive, progression is different from the surface, and what might have seen like an easy task above ground quickly becomes a daunting feat underground.

Cave-In Survival Map

The depths are littered with riddles, secrets, mysteries, and plenty of dangers, and as you explore, you might find that you are not the first to explore these depths. Survive, fight, build, and escape.

Your challenge is to survive in and live deep underground, and eventually, to escape what will otherwise be your tomb. Can you make it back to the surface alive or will you die far from the light of day? Your fate is up to you.

Cave-In Survival Map

List of all challenges

Here is a list of all the challenges the maps creators have made, complete them if you wish.

The First Tier (Easy):

  1. Construct a set of stone tools
  2. Find and smelt some iron ore
  3. Build your first house
  4. Farm 2 different types of food
  5. Obtain an enchanted item

The Second Tier (Progressive):

  1. Discover some Redstone ore
  2. Discover some Lapis Lazuli ore
  3. Obtain a full suit of any armor
  4. Construct a mob-spawner grinder
  5. Discover and mine Diamond ore

The Third Tier (Difficult):

  1. Construct an anvil
  2. Build a Jukebox
  3. Build an enchanting table
  4. Construct a nether portal
  5. Build a brewing stand

The Fourth Tier (Fun):

  1. Construct an underground railway
  2. Build a redstone machine
  3. Cure a villager
  4. Build an iron golem
  5. Build a snow golem

The Fifth Tier (Extreme):

  1. Construct a chicken farm
  2. Infiltrate a stronghold
  3. Defeat the Ender Dragon
  4. Defeat the Wither
  5. Escape past the bedrock, and find your way to freedom!


Again, to reiterate, the challenges are completely optional, you may play this map as you wish, but they do make the map a bit more fun and challenging.

General tips

Here are some tips for the map, as there are some changes to the base world generation.

  • Ores probably doesn’t generate in places you would expect, and they can also generate in single blocks, so explore!
  • Zombies are probably the most valuable mobs on the map, so don’t be afraid to kill them.
  • Baby Zombies have a small chance to generate riding a chicken. While these chickens won’t lay eggs, and despawn if you walk too far away, but you can name-tag them and breed once you get two.
  • Monsters may bring items back to their lairs, so keep an eye out.
  • Strongholds doesn’t spawn in the general vicinity of where you spawn, so you will have to trek a bit to find any.
  • Don’t underestimate fishing, as it may yield some surprising items!
  • Villagers can be found underground (though in a zombified state), and will trade some rare goods once cured. They are sometimes the ONLY source of some valuable items. Cure some to improve your living standards!
  • Mining and exploring around the starting area may yield some interesting finds. You are not the only thing to have fallen through the breach over the years!


That is what the Cave-In Survival Map offers, check it out for a rather unique and sometimes claustrophobic survival experience that will challenge even the hardiest Minecraft veterans!

How to install the Cave-In Survival Map for Minecraft:

  • Download the map.
  • Go to your %appdata%/.minecraft folder.
  • Open the “saves” folder.
  • Unzip the map you downloaded, and put the unzipped folder into the saves folder.
  • Done! Cave-In should now be installed, so load it up and have fun!

YouTuber _james96_ has started a Let’s Play series featuring this map, check out the first episode here:

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