Wayward Wonders CTM Map for Minecraft 1.8.3

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Creator: m0ndy

Wayward Wonders is a huge map full of known wonders of the world, and that in itself is quite impressive, but it is also a CTM (Complete the Monument) Map, which means that it also has objectives and things to actually do, which is always nice!

Wayward Wonders Map

It has elements of both survival and adventure map, and to complete it you must undertake an adventure where you must explore that map, and defeat the bosses who have taken up lair in the various wonders of the world!

The map features 2 monuments to complete, the Adventure Monument which consists of 12 blocks, and the Wool Monument which consists of 15 blocks.
Each block required for the Adventure Monument is tied to a certain point on the map. Each location will have a beautiful Wayward Wonder of the World that unfortunately has been conquered by evil forces, and must be cleansed. This task falls to the players, they must defeat all foes, as well as return all blocks to the monument, in order to cleanse the world and the wonders within it.

Wayward Wonders Map

Once the Adventure Monument is completed, players gain access to the final and battle, and the final block.

The Wool Monument is more of a bonus monument, as each placed block gives players a random bonus item of high value. Wool blocks are found at random locations, scattered throughout the world.

Wayward Wonders Map

Once you start the Wayward Wonders Map, you simply pick a direction and go, it is designed for the unmodded vanilla Minecraft, and it features random events as well as absolutely breathtaking locations to discover. Every playthrough will be different, and no two players will experience the exact same map. It’s unlikely that you will find all the special items or hidden secrets in your first playthrough, but that is completely intended. Some will complete the map in hours, some will take a lot longer, maybe even play it for days, it is all up to the player how they wish to do it.

Wayward Wonders Map

The Wayward Wonders Map is compromised of several large landmasses, the largest and most brutal being the Wayward Desert. In this place, you will be lucky to find water, soil, or trees of any kind. Tough creatures also roam the desert, ready to end the life of any adventurer unfortunate enough to cross them. The rest of the landmasses are more forgiving, but they all offer their own unique challenges.

Wayward Wonders Map

The wonders, wool blocks, and items are all scattered throughout the map, and can be completed or found in any order you wish, there is no “correct” way to progress through the map, it is all up to the players.

Here is an overview of the map, don’t be afraid to use it if you ever get lost or have difficulties navigating around.
Map Features
  • 2 Different Monuments to complete (28 blocks in total; 15 optional)
  • A wide variety of customized bosses, minions, hostile mobs, tamable mobs, gangs of mobs, and of course, villagers
  • A whole heap of customized dungeons, temples, villages,all full of different loot
  • Different side quests, with moral choices, and tasks to complete for NPC
  • Completely customized and unique items, potions, and various enchantments
  • New Spirit Stones (13 in total) that give players temporary buffs
  • A Fast Travel system, Spawn settings, and optional random location teleports for easier travel
  • Completely new legendary weapons, tools, and armor
  • A very wide variety of new armor sets
  • The map is full of triggered events, ways to gain XP, dialogues, and game rules
  • Experience a wide variety of shops and customized villager trading
  • Boss battles powered by command blocks (no mods needed!)
  • A completely open world full of freedom and random encounters
  • New map full of completely customized terrain
  • Several recreations of to-scale Ancient Wonders of the World (as seen in real life!)


Wayward Wonders Map

Here are the recommended settings for the Wayward Wonders CTM Map:

  • Available in both single or multiplayer
  • Command Blocks = undefined must be enabled!
  • Difficulty is locked to normal
  • Render distance should be set to minimum 10 chunks; no limit on max, as much as your PC can handle
  • No resource pack is required, the map is built using the vanilla resource pack
  • Mini-map mods can be very useful, but are not an requirement

Wayward Wonders Map

All side-quests/challenges of the map
  • Find the rare horse named “Noble”
  • Find “Edgar”
  • Find and kill “Ted”
  • Find treasure in a guardian dungeon
  • Mount “Euros”
  • Mount “Equus”
  • Kill or mount “Wilbur”
  • Kill a giant
  • Find the treasure in the bedrock caves
  • Find treasure in the underground village
  • Complete all six pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza
  • Climb a Pillar of Hercules
  • Give up a great item in a high place
  • Burn the clouds above the canyon village
  • Acquire the heads of some famous people
  • Find an Easter egg (They’re marked)
  • Find 5 Easter eggs
  • Find 10 Easter eggs
  • Blow up a Wonder after completing it
  • Find a nether village, temple, dungeon, or fortress
  • End the temptation of “The Punished One”
  • Climb a huge tree
  • Use the “Murder Death” potion
  • Cleanse the eyes of the Colossus of Rhodes
  • Cleanse the evil soul under Atlantis, making it beautiful
  • Escape from imprisonment
  • Re-do the murals in the Temple of Artemis
  • Obtain the Assassin armor set
  • Obtain the Ninja armor set
  • Obtain both armor sets of the Dynamic Duo
  • Obtain the CT and T armor sets
  • Obtain the Dwemor armor set
  • Obtain the Glass armor set
  • Obtain the Ebony armor set
  • Obtain the Dragonbone armor set
  • Obtain Mondy’s armor set
  • Obtain the Pickaxe of Dreams
  • Obtain and repair the legendary “X” armor set
  • Obtain “Selena”
  • Obtain Arjuna’s Bow, Boots, and Arrows
  • Obtain “Excalibur”
  • Buy all of the coordinate books
  • Find 3 villages
  • Find 10 villages
  • Equip a full suit of armor acquired from bosses
  • Find a prehistoric skeleton
  • Find 5 temples
  • Find 10 temples
  • Eliminate a mob gang and save the wolf captive
  • Eliminate 5 mob gangs
  • Climb to the top of Machu Picchu and Christ the Savior
  • Help a NPC
  • Bring back 5 Wool Blocks
  • Bring back all the Wool Blocks and complete the Wool Monument
  • Find “Vince” the invincible wolf
  • Teleport to a random location
  • Trade with Jeeves
  • Have a hostile mob pet in your base
  • Beat a boss with another boss’ armor or weapon
  • Find and activate a Spirit Stone
  • Have two or more Spirit Stone effects active at the same time
  • Find all 13 Spirit Stones
  • Convert a Wonder into your base
  • Collect 50 Soul Roses and 5 Soul Books
  • Collect 250 Soul Roses and 25 Soul Books
  • Collect 1,000 Soul Roses and 100 Soul Books
  • Make a garden for your Soul Roses
  • Make a library for your Soul Books
  • Have fun


Wayward Wonders Map

So, the side quests are more like challenges found in other maps, but they still add longevity to the map, and gives players something to do. See how many you can complete!

Here are some useful tips and notes for the map:

  • Don’t be afraid to refer to the map if you need some guidance.
  • Buying Ender Chests and taking advantage of them can be a huge help.
  • If you’re really struggling, buy coordinate books.
  • The playable area is surrounded by a wall, and the sky turns black if you’re getting close to it.

That’s it for the Wayward Wonders CTM Map, it is a pretty huge map full of stuff to do, and the monuments look pretty damn good, so check it out if you’re a fan of CTM maps, or simply want to look at some gorgeous monuments recreated in Minecraft. And have fun!

Wayward Wonders Map

How to install the Wayward Wonders CTM Map for Minecraft:

  • Download the map.
  • Go to your %appdata%/.minecraft folder.
  • Open the “saves” folder.
  • Unzip the map you downloaded, and put the unzipped folder into the saves folder.
  • Tada! The map should now be installed, and you’re now ready to explore and conquer this map, enjoy!

Here is a short look at the map, check it out:

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