Clay Soldiers Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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Creator: SanAndreasP

Are you ready for some proper mayhem? Then the Clay Soldiers Mod is for you!

This mod lets you use clay and soulsand for stuff other than building and growing nether warts, it lets you build clay soldiers! And that’s more fun than it sounds!

Clay Soldiers Mod
Setting up a fight is easy.

Now, you may want to use all your clay to create those precious bricks in order to build that wonderful mansion you’ve always wanted, but hold that thought! With this mod, the Clay Soldiers Mod, you can now use it for something much cooler! You can be the maniacal mastermind behind awesome and massive battles! This mod lets you create miniature armies out of the precious clay (and soulsand), but clay soldiers are not for fighting you, or your enemies, or anything else. They have one goal in mind, and one goal only: to kill every other clay soldier out there!

Clay Soldiers Mod
Let the battle commence!

A clay soldier is a handheld item, crafted by using a clay block (for the body), and soulsand (for the mind). Once you have a nice bunch of them in your hands, right-click to place them all at once, or sneak and right-click to place them one at a time, for more precise placement.

Clay Soldiers Mod

Once placed, these clay soldiers will quickly spread out and roam the surrounding areas. Soldiers are slow, and they can’t jump very well or very high, but they do have the strength required to climb single blocks. They are very brittle though, as they are made out of clay and lack a proper skeleton, so one punch from at player is enough to cripple their fragile bodies. This also means that they won’t be hostile to anything that can one-shot them, including you.

That is where the other clay soldiers come in. Pale gray soldiers made from normal clay can be put into teams that will fight each other through the use of dyes! All 16 dyes are available as a team color, and a clay soldier dyed one color will be loyal to any other clay soldier of that color, while ferociously fighting any clay soldier NOT of that color! You can even make melon and pumpkin flavored soldiers! When you place two clay soldiers of different colors in view of each other, they will not waste a second getting into a fight. Here’s how you create the various soldiers:

soldiers soldiers_clr soldiers_multi

Don’t worry, that is not all this mod offers, there are plenty of ways to spice the fights up even more, as these little soldiers can ride a bunch of different mounts, and they can even be upgraded.

You can chose from a variety of equipment to arm your soldiers to the teeth and make sure they’re ready for a proper fight. To do so, simply drop the item you want them to equip near them, and they will pick them up. They can even distribute the equipment between themselves, and will do so if you give them a stack of something.

Clay Soldiers Mod

Giving Clay Soldiers certain items can even change their behavior drastically, or alter them in various ways, click here to see them all!

Primary items:

  • Stick. 20 uses, increases melee damage by 2-3 points.
  • Arrow. 20 uses, increases melee damage by 4-5 points, drops feather when depleted, counts as stick upgraded with flint.
  • Blaze Rod. 20 uses, increases melee damage by 1-2 points, sets targets aflame.
  • Bone. 30 uses, increases melee damage by 3-4, slightly increases melee range, can not be used while riding mount, can not ride mount while equipped.
  • Shear Blade. 25 uses, increases melee damage by 1-2 points, or by 3-4 damage on first hit when attacking from stealth, can be held in either hand.
  • Glistering Melon. 25 uses, heals any ally below 25% hp by 15 points, soldier won’t attack any enemies while they are equipped with this.

Secondary items:

  • Gravel. 15 uses, can be thrown for 2-3 points of damage.
  • Snowball. 5-20 uses, does 0 damage, but slows target on hit. Amount of uses depend on the item given. Snowballs gives 5 uses; snow layers gives 10; snow blocks gives 20.
  • Fire Charge. 15 uses, can be thrown for 1-2 damage, sets targets on flame on hit.
  • Bowl. 20 uses, halves incoming physical damage (when used with leather, clay soldiers only receives 25% of the original physical damage). No longer blocks ranged attacks entirely, only reduces damage from them.
  • Shear Blade. 25 uses, increases melee damage by 1-2 points, or by 3-4 damage on first hit when attacking from stealth, can be held in either hand.
  • Emerald. 5-45 uses, deals 3-4 direct unavoidable damage at medium range, plus 2 with sugarcane boost. Damage is doubled if the target is wet. Uses depend on the item given. Emerald item gives 5 uses; emerald block gives 45.
  • Nether Quartz. 4 uses, heavily knockbacks all targets nearby if the soldier holding this takes too many hits.

Core upgrades:

  • Iron Ingot. Makes the soldier highly resistant to knockback and increases their knockback against others. Both of these effects are neutralized vs another iron ingot soldier.
  • Brick. Makes soldier move extremely slow and makes them less willing to move, they prefer to use ranged attacks over melee attacks if possible.
  • String. Makes soldier resist all explosion damage from one explosion.
  • Cactus. Gives soldiers a 75% chance to negate burn time, otherwise the burn time is halved.
  • Nether Brick. Sets any target that the user hits with their fists aflame.

Behavior upgrades:

  • Wheat. Makes soldiers passive, which means they will never attack, not even if attacked first.
  • Nether Wart. Makes soldier turn and attack their allies.
  • Fermented Spider Eye. Makes soldier passive and not attack, unless provoked and attacked first.

Misc. upgrades:

  • Leather. 20 uses, halves incoming physical damage (when used with bowl, clay soldiers only receives 25% of the original physical damage)
  • Food. 4 uses, heals soldier when they drop below 25% HP, healed XP is hungerPoints * 0.5.
  • Gold Nugget. Crowns a soldier King, all of that team will follow the king.
  • Glowstone. Makes soldier glow, 1 block can be given to infinite soldiers.
  • Gunpowder. 1 use, makes soldiers explodes on death (incompatible with Magma Cream or Firework Star).
  • Magma Cream. 1 use, places a 2 second time bomb on the soldier who killed the soldier equipped with Magma Cream, if killed by a melee attack (incompatible with Gunpowder or Firework Star).
  • Sugar. Makes soldier move faster (incompatible with Diamond upgrades).
  • Clay. 4 uses, makes soldiers revive fallen soldiers of their own color.
  • Ghast Tear. 2 uses, makes soldiers revive brick dolls of their own color.
  • Redstone Dust. 4 uses, causes the target to entirely stop attacking for 3 seconds, applied by all thrown and melee attacks. A block can be gives to infinite soldiers.
  • Slimeball. 5 uses, causes the target to stop moving entirely for 3 seconds, applied by all thrown and melee attacks.
  • Feather. Makes soldiers unable to attack while falling, however, a soldiers fall is greatly slowed and they will take no damage on landing. Effects are negated if the soldier is already affected by iron ingots, or if they are mounted.
  • Glass Bottle/Pane/Block. Doubles the soldiers vision range, allows soldiers to see stealthed enemies, bottles and panes can be given to 1 soldier, block count as an infinite supply.
  • Paper/Book. Gives soldiers a plain cape, dyed paper and books give colored capes, books can be gives to an infinite soldiers of soldiers.
  • Diamond. Gives soldiers a super crown and cape, doubles number of uses for all limited use items, grants sugar speed boost, multiplies hp by 10, incompatible with diamond blocks.
  • Diamond Block. Gives soldiers a super crown and cape, multiplies limited use item uses by 5, grants sugar speed boost, multiplies hp by 80, incompatible with diamonds.
  • Ender Pearl. Zombifies soldiers, they gains +5 hp, heals fully when they deal a last hit to a target, slain targets become zombies themselves, dies after 10 minutes of no fighting.
  • Blaze Powder. 1 use, instantly kills the target with fire, turning it into brick doll.
  • Red Mushroom. 1 use, applies poison to target.
  • Brown Mushroom. 2 uses, heals soldier for 10 hp when below they drop below 25% HP.
  • Lily Pad. Gives soldiers pants and allow them to float on water, no effect when used on soldiers already affect by an iron ingot.
  • Egg. Makes soldiers ghostly makes them unable to be detected by enemies not wearing glass goggles, doubles damage output of shears, can be detected by goggles.
  • Wheat Seed. Makes soldier immune to any zombification.
  • Wood Button. Increases melee damage by 1 when no weapon is equipped, incompatible with stone buttons.
  • Stone Button. Increases melee damage by 2 when no weapon is equipped, incompatible with wood buttons.
  • Mob Head. Equips soldiers with a mask.
  • Firework Star. 1 use, makes soldier explode on death, with a nice firework effect, incompatible with gunpowder/magma cream.


Clay Soldiers Mod
You can also find clay huts around the world, with little clay men.

Now, clay soldiers may make a mess of things, and if you want to set up a new battle, you don’t want to waste time running around killing stray soldiers and what not, that is what the Clay Disruptor is for. This will kill any clay soldier or other clay creation in a 32 wide radius. It can also be found in a hardened version, which gives you double the uses. Here’s how to craft one:

disruptor harddisruptor

Maybe you’re tired of setting up the fights manually, and just want it to happen more organically, and more automatically. That’s when you need the Clay Nexus. This thing will revive any slain soldiers, allowing them another chance at glory on the battlefield. To create one, see here:


You can also create all sorts of mounts for your soldiers, with their stats depending on what material you use for them, as well as what kind of mount you create for them. To find out how to craft these mounts, as well as what they do.

Clay Soldiers Mod
What happens when you use the disruptor. Splat!

How to install the Clay Soldiers Mod for Minecraft:

  • Download the mod.
  • Important: Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Open your Minecraft folder (in Windows: Start -> Run -> “%appdata%\.minecraft”).
  • Copy the mod .jar file(s) you downloaded to the “mods” folder, found inside the .minecraft folder.
  • That is it, the Clay Soldiers Mod should now be installed, have fun and enjoy setting up destructive battles!

Here is a little cinematic video showing some of the amazing fights and arenas you can create with this mod off:

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