Nevermine Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Creator: Xolova

Nevermine is a huge mod that adds a ton of content to Minecraft, content which you can read more about below!

First off, is the dimensions of which there are 14 new to explore.

The first of these new dimensions is The Abyss, a dark and deadly area full of huge mountains, tentacles, and dark brooding trees. To get to The Abyss, you have to find the portal in the Nether.

Next is The Haven, a bright, colorful, and seemingly happy place, but it is full of deadly creatures out for your blood. The portal to Haven can be found in Extreme Hills Biomes.

Nevermine Mod

Precasia is a prehistoric ‘paradise’ that is full of ancient creatures, and again, ancient dangers. To get to Precasia, you must find the portal underground in Jungle Biomes.

Mysterium is a dimension that is entirely found in the imagination of its inhabitants, the Eeos. Mysterium portals are found in Mega Taiga Biomes.

Nevermine Mod Nevermine Mod

The Deeplands are a dark and subterran cave dimension with many dark and ancient secrets. The portal to this dimension can be found underground in the overworld.

The Ironmine is a dark and gold realm, full of metals, man-made structures, and a whole bunch of hazardous mobs. To get to the Ironmine, you must find the portal, which is located in The Deeplands Dimension.

Nevermine Mod

Lunalus is a dark and space-like dimension full of floating pink moons, creepy mobs, and strange villagers. It is also full of mysterious structures. The portal to Lunalus is created when you kill a certain new mob, called the Terrestrial.

Gardencia is a colorful dimension full of flowers of all sizes, large looming towers, as well as large bodies of oceans. To get to Gardensia, you must find the portal in the Precasia dimension.

Nevermine Mod

Greckon is a ghostly and haunted dimension, full of many strange mobs, some with a very unique AI. The portal to Greckon spawns in the Mysterium dimension, and requires a Dimension Ticket to use.

Nevermine Mod

L’Borean is a primary ocean-themed, which means that there are many large pockets of water around the place, most of them filled with coral patterns. The portal to this dimension is found in Gardencia.

Dustopia is another very dark and gloomy dimension, with many trees blocking the players vision. To get to Dustopia, you must find the portal in Greckon.

Nevermine Mod

The Lands of Runandor is a place filled with many strange beings and magical structures. To get to these lands, you must find the portal in Mysterium. You will also require a Dimension Ticket.

Barathos is a barren wasteland on the top, and a hellish land at the bottom. The portal to Barathos is found in the Lands of Runandor.

Vox Ponds is a toxic dimension which means that only robotic creatures can survive here. You will find toxic pools, and unless you have the Hazmat Armor, you will take constant damage. The portal to the Vox Ponds are found in Gardencia.

That is all the new dimensions found in Nevermine, and each of them is full of a ton of the new 280 mobs or bosses. A lot of these new mobs also has unique AI, as well as new sounds, features, and more.

Nevermine Mod

Important: the Nevermine Mod requires Minecraft Forge in order to function.

Nevermine also features mini-games, often linked to certain mobs. The templar mob drains energy, and runic lifeforms restore it. So you must kill the lifeforms.

Another mini-game-mob is the exoid, it teleports around the place, and you have limited time to find it. Find him quickly!

The mod also features a ton of new equipment which has all kinds of cool effects, such as summoning friendly minions, or a particle emitting sun.

There is also the skills, of which there are 5 different:


  • Train your hunter skills by killing hunter specific mobs.
  • Level this up in order to be able to use new weapons.
  • Level up in order to fight new creatures.


  • Level this up by sacrificing slabs in a creation forge.
  • If you level this up, you will be able to spawn new minions.


  • You level this by finding random rewards by mining any sort of stone.
  • Every time you find a reward, you gain experience.
  • By leveling up, you will be able to find new things.


  • You level this by creating and using ancient relic.
  • Ingredients are found through foraging and from drops.
  • By leveling this up, you will be able to use new abilities.


  • To level this up by giving powerstones as a tribute.
  • By leveling this up, you will be able to create enchantment stones.
  • These stones allow you to chose enchants.
  • Higher levels give you access to new and better enchants.

Nevermine Mod

The mod also features a heap of new armor, often with special properties if you wear a full set (as with the Hazmat Armor, which is required to survive in the Vox Ponds). New weapons, and weapon types are also available, such as the snipers which will allow you to zoom in, and often kill mobs with one or two shots.


All in all, Nevermine is a very expansive mod which is full of new features, mobs, weapons, dimensions, and more, and it pretty much changes the whole game. It is a continuation of the old Eternal Isles Mod, so if you recognize some of these places, mobs, or names, that is why.

How to install the Nevermine Mod for Minecraft:

  • Download the mod.
  • Important: Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Open your Minecraft folder (in Windows: Start -> Run -> “%appdata%\.minecraft”).
  • Copy the mod .jar file(s) you downloaded to the “mods” folder, found inside the .minecraft folder.
  • All done, Nevermine should now be installed and ready to be explored, so have fun!

Here is a video series featuring the mod, made by YouTuber Captain Sparklez, check it out:

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