Cube World Generator Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

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This cool mod lets you create entirely new types of worlds: the cube worlds. Cube worlds are very, very, different from the other types of worlds, in that a cube world consists of several cubes, each with a different biome, scattered around with nothing but air between them. This means that you have to completely rethink the way you play!

Cube World Generator Mod for Minecraft

You start on one cube, and from here, you have to build to the next, using materials gathered from the first cube. Unless of course, you play in creative mode or are using mods that gives you flight/items that give you flight, if they are compatible (there have been no tests on whether or not a mod is compatible with this or not).

Cube World Generator Mod for Minecraft

The nether is also made up of various cube worlds, making it an even more treacherous place, so take care when traversing both the normal world, but the netherworld as well.

It is a fun and interesting new way to play the game, and the worlds themselves are pretty cool, with several glass cubes floating around, each full of a different biome.

Cube World Generator Mod

Cube World Generator Mod is also an independent mod, in that it doesn’t require anything else other than the mod, so no Modloader or Forge required to run it, just a Minecraft that is at least updated to version 1.7.

This also means that it is a bit harder to install, but simply follow the instructions below and it shouldn’t be a problem, I managed to install it in my first try, without any issues.

Cube World Generator Mod

A very interesting new way of playing the game, the Cube World Generator Mod really changes how to play the game, and anyone seeking a new type of world generation should definitively check this mod out.

Important: If the version you have installed does enable you to change the world type to “Cube World” when creating a new world, then if you open any default Minecraft saves with Cube World installed, it will damage the world.

Cube World Generator Mod

How to install the Cube World Generator Mod:

  • Go to %appdata%/.minecraft/versions.
  • You should see a folder named 1.7.2. Make a copy of it, and rename the copy to Cube_World_1.7.2 (You can name it whatever you want, but you will need that name later).
  • Inside the new folder, you should see a file called 1.7.2.jar. Rename it to Cube_World_1.7.2.jar (Or whatever you named the folder).
  • Inside the new folder, you should also see a file called 1.7.2.json. Rename it to Cube_World_1.7.2.json (Or whatever you named the folder).
  • Open the Cube_World_1.7.2.json file using Notepad or Wordpad.
  • Inside that file, there will be a line saying “Id”: “1.7.2”. Change that to say “Id”: “Cube_World_1.7.2”. Then save and close the file.
  • Open Cube_World_1.7.2.jar using a program like 7-Zip or WinZip. Copy all of the Files in the zip folder you downloaded into Cube_World_1.7.2.jar, and then delete the META-INF folder from within Cube_World_1.7.2.jar.
  • Open the Minecraft launcher (You will need to restart it if you had already opened it), and create a new profile. In the box that says “Use version”, select “Cube_World_1.7.2” (Or whatever you named the folder). If you don’t see it under versions, You may have missed one of steps 1-7.
  • Start Minecraft using that new profile, and create a new world. Set that world’s world type to “Cube World”, and create it. It may take a little while longer than usual to load.

Here is a more in-depth spotlight of the mod, although this is the 1.6.4 version, not the 1.7:

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