Letters From A Dead Earth Map for Minecraft 1.8

Creator: d341jerman

In the Letters From A Dead Earth Map, you start out as one of few survivors, you have survived an apocalypse, but you have no idea how, nor what happened. You’re in Jefferson County, and you’re not the only one who doesn’t know what happened, no one else does. Sometimes you feel like the world felt apart just yesterday, other times like it happened centuries ago. Yet no one knows but the dead, and the ruins. Hidden among the ruins of this desolate and destroyed land is scraps of paper, upon which the days preceding the end of civilization have been written, as well as the details of the immediate aftermath.

Letters From A Dead Earth Map Letters From A Dead Earth Map

By finding them all, you are able to scrap the story together, and you might even find mysteries that goes even deeper than that. Only the most observant and keen will find this, and be able to hear the whispers of the ghosts from the dead earth.

Letters From A Dead Earth is a free-roam survival map, filled with quests and a whole bunch of secrets. The rules are the same as in any apocalyptic scenario: there are no rules. You may break and destroy whatever you wish, you may build things to help you survive, you may farm, you may grief – whatever your heart desires, you are allowed to do. If you find mods that you think will enhance the experience, feel free to use them

Letters From A Dead Earth Map Letters From A Dead Earth Map

The map features over 100 notes, scattered throughout the massive map. It features 8 large cities, 10 towns, 5 crash sites of large vehicles (such as airplanes), and a whole bunch of secrets. To discover the truth about this world, you will have to explore it, and find the scraps. Plenty of other information is also to be found, that flesh out the story of the world and add depth to it.

Letters From A Dead Earth Map Letters From A Dead Earth Map

The map is generated upon normal Minecraft terrain (all the way back from version 1.3.2), so most ores, strongholds, dungeons, and other secrets can still be found below ground. You may go wherever you wish from the start, it is entirely non-linear and open-ended. Whatever your desires, Letters From A Dead Earth has something for everyone.

While this map is open and allows you to explore as you wish, it is limited. You won’t be stopped by invisible walls, instant death, guard towers, electronic fences, bedrock, or anything else though, but if you move to far away from the created map, it will simply start to generate normal Minecraft terrain by itself. This can be useful, but overall, play is intended to stay inside the crafted area. You will know when you leave the crafted area by a very visible lopsided ring of cratered wasteland, where no grass or vegetation grows. This serves as the boundary for Jefferson County, but you are free to leave it if you wish.

Letters From A Dead Earth Map Letters From A Dead Earth Map

Letters From A Dead Earth is a very impressive and cool map, and it allows you to do whatever you wish, be that uncovering the story behind the Apocalypse, fixing the world by yourself, or creating a survival utopia. The creator of the map recommends everyone to play this with The End is Extremely Nigh Resource Pack, which can be downloaded below along with the map.

Letters From A Dead Earth Map Letters From A Dead Earth Map

How to install:

  • Download the map.
  • Optional: Download and install the resource pack.
  • Go to your %appdata%/.minecraft folder.
  • Open the “saves” folder.
  • Unzip the map you downloaded, and put the unzipped folder into the saves folder.
  • Done! The map should now be installed and ready to be played, enjoy and have fun (and don’t forget the resource pack, it makes the map more awesome).

Here is a video showing some of the map off, although the creator has made his own narrative in it:

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