Minecraft Jungle Temple Seed: england


This seed features a Jungle Temple right at the spawn point.

The temple is located on desert and jungle biome and provides a good shelter for the night. Watch out when you try to enter the temple at first ! There is traps as you try to get to the end of the temple. Redstone is wired to a tripwire hook and a dispenser. If you go through the tripwire, the dispenser will activate and shoots arrows at you. If you manage to get by anyway, there is a big reward for you. In the chest located at the end, you will find two diamonds.

Seed: england

Remember that seeds are case sensitive.

World Type: Default

X: 223,5 Y: 63 Z: 172,5

Last tested working with Minecraft 1.6.2 on PC edition. Should also work in later versions.

Screenshots of the jungle temple seed

Minecraft Jungle Temple Seed Minecraft Jungle Temple Seed Minecraft Jungle Temple Seed with diamonds

Actually there is one more secret in this temple. At the bottom of the temple, you will find three levers. If you switch all three levers on/off, you will notice a little hole in the first floor of the temple. Break the first block down in the hole, and you will be get in to the hole. Here is another chest located (along with sticky pistons and redstone). This chest holds 5 gold ingots and some bones.

Remember to leave a comment if you find a good location in this seed.

Minecraft jungle temple seed.

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