Minecraft Desert Village Seed: vancouver


In this Minecraft seed, you spawn on the edge of desert and plain biome. There is a large lake and also some jungle biome. If you go right when you are near the spawn, you will find a nice little desert village (the coordinates are below). The village is located on the edge of three different biomes – desert, jungle and plain biome. It is therefore not hard to find any wood. In the village you will of course find villagers ready to trade with you, small houses and a blacksmith (furnaces). The best thing about this village though, is to be found in one the houses. Here you will find a chest which holds a saddle, two iron swords and also a diamond !

This seed was tested on Minecraft version 1.6.2 for PC.

Seed: vancouver

Word Type: Default

X: 19,5 Y: 69 Z: -4,5

Minecraft Desert Village Seed Minecraft Desert Village Seed Minecraft Desert Village Seed Minecraft Seed: vancouver - Desert Village Seed

Desert village location:
X: -348 Y: 66 Z: -136,4

The village also has a little farmland and lots of animals is located near.

Please share in the comments, if you find any good locations.

If you are looking for a Minecraft desert village seed, this is it.

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