Minecraft 1.6.2 Village Seed: 7248246551701157914


This seed features a little village with a blacksmith. You almost spawn in the village, only 10 block away or so. There is a big crack in the ground on one side of the village, and it’s located on a big island surrounded by water.

This seed was generated in version 1.6.2 but it might work in later versions too.

Seed ID

Word Type

Spawn Point
X:-105 Y:67 Z:240,8

Here is some screenshots of the spawn location.

Minecraft Village Seed Minecraft Seed with Village


As you can see, there is lots of villagers and sheep’s in the little town. The biome is plain, but if you walk for a while it will change to snow and dessert.

If you find some cool locations, please leave a comment below with a short description and the coordinates.

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