Mountain Island Seed for Minecraft 1.8


In this awesome seed, you spawn at the top of a cool island that makes up an entire island all on its own. The mountain is mostly savanna, but it features some very cool geography, and the mountain stretches on beyond the clouds!

Seed info

Seed ID: -969535336

World Type: Default

Spawn: X: 9.5 / Y: 116 / Z: 8.5

Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.8+ (tested in Minecraft 1.8.4)

Mountain Island Seed
The cool mountain upon which you spawn! X: 9.5 / Y: 116 / Z: 8.5

The mountain itself is really cool, and features some of the coolest geography I’ve seen generated in vanilla Minecraft yet. It has holes, waterfalls, lavafalls, and everything you need to create a pretty damn awesome base! And since it’s an island in itself, it’s perfect for any super villains new lair!

Mountain Island Seed

The oceans surrounding the mountain isn’t empty either, as you will find several ocean monuments in the waters near it. The first one is pretty much right next to the mountain.

Mountain Island Seed
The first ocean monument, right next to spawn and the mountain. X: -200 / Y: 61 / Z: 168


Moving south from this monument, and you will find another, but before venturing into the waters and trying to conquer the temples, you should probably make sure you have potions, food, and adequate gear.

Mountain Island Seed
The second ocean monument, found to the south. X: -248 / Y: 61 / Z: 758


The third ocean monument is found to the north east of the mountain, and again, has many guardians guarding it, so traversing the waters around the mountain can quickly end up in the players death!

Mountain Island Seed
And here is the third ocean monument, found to the north-east. X: 232 / Y: 61 / Z: -410


A very neat chasm is also near the mountain island, where a lavafall and waterfall touches each other, several mine-shafts crop out, and it gives easy access to some ore found in the lower levels. Just be mindful of any mobs wanting to put your head on a stick.

Mountain Island Seed
A pretty cool chasm, featuring several mine-shafts. X: 625 / Y: 67 / X: 12


You will find a mainland somewhat far north, with plenty of trees, some mushrooms, and deserts as well. We didn’t manage to locate any jungle or interesting temples, but we did manage to find a very picturesque mountain range, shown here.

Mountain Island Seed
Pretty! The mainland to the north, doesn’t look too bad. X: -751 / Y: 118 / Z: -1343


By far the biggest feature of this seed is the mountain you spawn right next to, it looks cool, has useful waterfalls and lava nearby, and is generally just a perfect spot to make an awesome base. It is a shame there’s no villages or temples in the immediate vicinity though, so no easy items from the get go. But if you like a small challenge, then that is not an issue.

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