NPC Village and Pyramid 1.6.4/1.6.2 Seed: -5733286009114976593


This is a pretty cool seed with features a NPC Village with a blacksmith and a pyramid with hidden secrets. In this seed you spawn on the border of a forest. If you look north, you will see a relatively large NPC Village. There is a tower and a blacksmith in the village and also some chests. There is nothing special to be found in the village, only bread, apples, wheat and carrots.

Seed: -5733286009114976593

Word Type: Default

X:-155,6 Y:70 Z:234,4

Minecraft NPS Village Seed

The NPC Village.

If you keep walking north, you will find a big pyramid.

Minecraft Pyramid Seed

Inside the pyramid there is nothing at the first sight. But if you pick a hole in the middle of the floor, you will see that there are chests to be found.

Pyramid Trap

Well, you have to watch out – as you can see there is a hidden trap. If you hit the pressure plate in the middle, the whole thing will be blown up by TNT. If you manage to get down to the chests without hitting the pressure plate, big treasures awaits you. In the chests you will find the following loot: 20 Gold Ingots, 3 Iron Ingots, 1 Diamond, 1 Saddle, 15 Rotten Flesh and 24 Bones.

Other places:

Zombie Spawner:
X:142 Z:12

X:-304 Z:160

Mineshaft, Cave spider spawner:
X:-254 Z:-101

Ravine full of lava:
X:-123 Y:32 Z:236

If you find any cool places, please leave a comment below with positions and maybe a screenshots, thanks :)

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