The Dalek Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2

Creator: SWD

The Dalek Mod is a total conversion Doctor Who Themed mod for Minecraft!

If you are a fan of The Doctor and his companions’ adventures, then this mod is just for you, as it includes a ton of Doctor Who themed features, blocks, enemies and more!


Important: this mod requires Minecraft Forge for the corresponding Minecraft version.

A very impressive mod already, it is still a work in progress, and will have several amazing features in its final version, such as a story mode. Still, despite being a work in progress, the mod is already full of awesome content for you to enjoy, such as a working TARDIS!


Using the TARDIS allows you to travel to different planets or dimensions. These currently “only” include Skaro (the Dalek homeworld), Gallifrey (the Timelord homeworld), and Trenzalore, as well as the Overworld (the default Minecraft world, in case you want to come back) and the Nether.


The mod also features a Time Vortex Manipulator, which when worn allows you to travel through “time”. In this case, that means visiting past iterations of Minecraft, including the very first called “Cave Game”, Minecraft Classic, Minecraft Infdev, Minecraft Beta and the Xbox version of Minecraft!

The Time Vortex Manipulator interface.
One of the earliest versions of what would later become Minecraft.
Minecraft Classic. A weird place full of Steves and TNT.

Using an item called Rivers Diary allows you to change your appearance to one of the many doctors, negating the need to change your skin to properly look like The Doctor. Simply use the diary and you’ll look the part.

The planet of Trenzalore, not the nicest of places.

The difficulty is ramped up a bit due to the new mobs though, so be mindful of that, many of them can kill you quickly, and they also spawn during the day.

Of course, a proper doctor has a Sonic Screwdriver, which is also true for this mod, and you have several to chose from. Sonic Screwdrivers can ignite TNT, send redstone signals and open iron doors!

A small selection of the various mobs you risk encountering.

Several pieces of clothing are also available for you in the mod, such as a very cool fez, and a bowtie, which is also cool.

Fans of the older series will also be glad to know that Bessie is back, the vehicle the Third Doctor preferred when he was exiled on Earth.

Bessie is back!

This, and more, is currently available in the mod, so you definitively won’t be disappointed!

For more info about the mod and its many features, check out the Official Dalek Mod Wiki.

The library of the TARDIS.

How to install The Dalek Mod for Minecraft:

  • Download the mod.
  • If you don’t have Forge, then download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Open your minecraft folder (in Windows: Start -> Run -> “%appdata%\.minecraft”).
  • Copy the mod .jar, file(s) you downloaded to the “mods” folder found inside the .minecraft folder.
  • Now you can experience part of the wonderful world of Doctor Who in Minecraft! Enjoy!

Here is a look at the mod by its creators:

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