Wonderland Map for Minecraft 1.8

Creator: rsmalec

Experience the adventures of Alice in Wonderland in Minecraft form, through this map, the Wonderland Map! This map has recently been reworked for newer versions of Minecraft, and is as fun as ever! Step in the shoes of Alice, jump down the rabbit hole, and experience an adventure very similar to what she experienced! Some liberties have been taken in the map, and not everything that is in Alice in Wonderland is in this map, and some things not in Alice in Wonderland are in this map, but overall, the journey and story is pretty similar.

Wonderland Map Wonderland Map

You start out alone in a nice little garden in the forest, simply taking in the sights and nature, but suddenly you stumble upon a rabbit hole in a tree. Curiosity gets the better of you, and soon you’re falling and falling, all the while growing smaller and smaller. You end up in a room full of doors, and now you must use your wit to make your way out, journey through Wonderland, and find the way back to your own world!

Wonderland Map Wonderland Map

This map has a fully-fleshed out story, narrated by its creator and other helpers, and is told in a way similar to how your parents would read stories to you at bed. You progress from chapter to chapter by various means, sometimes a puzzle needs solving, sometimes monsters need slaying, and sometimes you simply have to move along! Things are hidden, unique armor, gear, and weapons are found, and the adventure unfolds and story is revealed as you move along.

Wonderland Map Wonderland Map

You’ll make friends with strange creatures, as well as make new powerful enemies. And there’s zombies as well! They mostly want to take a bite out of you though, so do try to avoid them or give them a swift death.

Wonderland Map

Here is a list of all the features of the map:

  • A new Minecraft-y twist on a very familiar story and theme.
  • Over 7 minutes of narrated story, found at various intervals and checkpoints.
  • A loot progression that is carefully sequenced and arranged.
  • 3 custom skins.
  • Action that challenges even experienced players (peaceful is recommended if you’re just playing for the story, as even easy can be difficult).
  • Challenges: find all the characters hidden in various chests!

And here is a list of the do’s and don’t’s of this map:

  • Do not break or mine any blocks except for these: glass, mob spawners, and torches. You are allowed to break any block you place yourself though.
  • You are allowed to place any blocks you acquire yourself as barricades or temporary shelters, but you may not use them for stairs or bridges.
  • You may use and dump water buckets, but no lava buckets are allowed!
  • Do not use any crafting tables, with some exceptions. Bows and arrows are allowed to be crafted, and so is any item that fits the 2×2 inventory area, such as torches.
  • Do not step on the Mome Raths!

Wonderland Map

The map also features a custom resource pack that will be installed automatically once you install and run the map. If you play this map in multiplayer, players will need to manually install it though, it is found in the .zip archive for the map. It is not recommended to be no more than 2 players, as the loot is based around that. It is still possible though.

All in all, Wonderland is a fantastical little map, with a different take on the classic fairytale, featuring Minecrafts unique gameplay and graphics style. It has a fully narrated audio story, and is very interesting and fun to play through.

Wonderland Map

How to install the Wonderland Map for Minecraft:

  • Download the map.
  • Go to your %appdata%/.minecraft folder.
  • Open the “saves” folder.
  • Unzip the map you downloaded, and put the unzipped folder into the saves folder.
  • Done and done! You are now ready to take the plunge into the rabbit hole, and experience Wonderland all for yourself.

Here is a trailer for the map, check it out if you’re interested:

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