The Best Minecraft Party Ideas


Minecraft parties are more popular than ever before and the creativity of people is awesome!

Below we have found some of the best ideas for your inspiration and for the ultimate Minecraft party. The only limit now is your imagination!

Minecraft Party Ideas

1. Invitations for the party

First, let’s start out with the invitations, it’s important that you from the beginning makes it clear that this is indeed a Minecraft party. You can do that with awesome invitations, we found some inspiration for you here.

Minecraft Party Invitations

2. Birthday gift cards

While we are at the cards, if you are ever attending a Minecraft party, then why not give a gift card like this?

Birthday Gift Card

3. Party printables

If you’re like most other people, then you are not an expert in Photoshop. What you will need for your party is printables. This way you just have to print and cut out all the signs for your cake, candy, banners, etc.

minecraft banner

minecraft sign

minecraft food cards

minecraft cupcake toppers

minecraft treat toppers

minecraft water bottle labels

4. Minecraft cake

The cake is always important at a party. Whether it’s a soccer-themed or Minecraft themed party you need a cake that fits the theme. There are tons of Minecraft cakes out there, we found some inspiration for you here!

minecraft-cake minecraft-cake3 minecraft-cake4 minecraft-cake5

5. Minecraft Candy and food

Talking about cake, we also need candy and food! For your ultimate Minecraft party, you will need lots of Minecraft candy. Again, there are tons of opportunities here and your only limit is your imagination.

minecraft-candy-food11 minecraft-candy-food10       minecraft-candy-food18 minecraft-candy-food17 minecraft-candy-food4 minecraft-candy-food6 minecraft-candy-food7   minecraft-candy-food2 minecraft-candy-food13 minecraft-candy-food14minecraft-candy-food9minecraft-candy-food12    minecraft-candy-food3  minecraft-candy-food8 minecraft-candy-food19

5. Minecraft decorations

The decoration is also very important and again there are many options for this. We think that creeper balloons are a must-have and they are very easy to make – you just need some green balloons and some black tape.

minecraft-decorations minecraft-decorations5minecraft-decorations1  minecraft-table-decoration creeper-balloons minecraft-decorations2 minecraft-decorations4   minecraft-masks1 minecraft-decorations3

6. Minecraft party games and activities

The classic treasure hunt is always good, but for your ultimate party, you need more activities. For example, you can make your own Minecraft masks, make a Ghast pinata, or Mine for treasures where the kids have to find candy in flour.



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