How to craft a Horse Armor in Minecraft


When Minecraft 1.6 came out, it also introduced horses and horse armor. Until now, we have had a recipe on the Minecraft crafting list, displaying how to craft horse armor. The crafting recipe was removed in version 1.6.2 though. Therefore it is not possible to craft a horse armor at the moment.

That does not mean it is impossible to get one, you just have to find it. Like saddles, horse armors can be found the following places:

  • Chests inside dungeons.
  • Nether Fortresses (Minecraft 1.6).
  • Desert/Jungle Temples (Minecraft 1.6).
  • Blacksmith chests, found in NPC villages.
  • Or by trading with a villager.

The horse armor is used to protect the horse against attacks. There are several types of horse armors where each type provides different protection.

Compared to player armor:

  • Horse armor does become invisible, when a invisibility potion is used.
  • Horse armor does not exist in leather or chain varieties.
  • Horse armor does not lose durability.
  • Horse armor only has one piece, where as player armor has four.
  • Gold horse armor is more powerful than iron horse armor.

Minecraft Horse Armor

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