Diablo 2 LOD Map Recreated in Minecraft

Creator: laztheripper

As seen before, this game has fans from all over the world, of all ages, and with a very varied drive and different ambitions.

The guy behind this project is definitively in the ambitious category!

Laztheripper, as he is called, is a big fan of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, as many other people are, but he is also a big fan of Minecraft. So he decided to do what came naturally to him: to combine the two.

This means that he has single-handedly recreated most of Diablo 2: LOD in the world of Minecraft.

The result is nothing less than amazing, and for anyone who has played the game, you’ll quickly realize how accurate it is. Because despite being somewhat randomly generated, Diablo 2: LOD did have many areas that always looked the same, or similar to each other, and here he really nailed it.

It is a very cool looking map, and it really brings back the nostalgia, but unfortunately, it is not available for public download (yet).
However, rumor has it that if you ask Laztheripper nicely in the thread on the D2 forum it was originally posted on, he’ll gladly give you the address of a server where you can experience the map for yourself.

But with the recent exposure of the map, it being featured on many gaming websites, I doubt it will take long before we’ll have an official version of the map available for everyone to explore, as it really looks interesting.

Here are some screenshots of the various acts:

Act 1:

Diablo 2 LOD Map Diablo 2 LOD Map Diablo 2 LOD Map

Act 2: 

Diablo 2 LOD Map Diablo 2 LOD Map Diablo 2 LOD Map

Act 3:

Diablo 2 LOD Map Diablo 2 LOD Map

Act 4:

Diablo 2 LOD Map Diablo 2 LOD Map Diablo 2 LOD Map

Act 5:

Diablo 2 LOD Map

For more pictures from this yet-to-be-released map, check out this gallery on imgur.

All in all, it looks like it is an extremely cool map, that is sure to give D2 players a nice trip down memory lane, and we can’t wait to check it out for ourselves.

As soon as the map is available for download we will post it here.

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