Monster Industries PvP Map for Minecraft 1.8

Creator: MrFoogy

Monster Industries is not your typical, run-off-the-mill PvP map where it’s 2 teams that must face off in melee or ranged combat. No, this is industrial combat which means espionage, sabotage, and most importantly, monster warfare! The goal of this map is to get your company’s stock to rise, while simultaneously preventing the enemy company from getting their stock up.

Monster Industries Map

To get your stock up, and the enemy’s stock down, you must engage in the noble art of sabotage. You are however prevented from entering their factory, and must use other sinister methods instead. Mainly, creating monsters to attack them.

Monster Industries Map

There are five things you should know in order to be a successful and useful employee in this map:

  1. The first order of business is to sign papers. This is done by moving back and forth on a pressure plate, because after all, you are working at Monster Industries, and monsters don’t make themselves.
  2. The second order of business is to gather the 4 other needed resources: coal, gunpowder, bone, and spider eyes. This may seem boring and pointless, but no, its FUN! And very useful!
  3. The third order of business is to use the papers and other resources you have gathered to produce monster eggs. At your disposal is a very diverse production facility that gives you access to a wide variety of mobs, such as zombies, skeletons, creepers, ghasts, blazes, and more. They all have varied but specific resource costs, with some being more expensive and better than others.
  4. Now the real fun begins, as you must use your newly created monsters to infiltrate and sabotage your competitor. Employees are restricted from accessing the other company though, so monsters will have to do the dirty work. You are free to watch the carnage through see-through glass, so there is a silver lining. Just be aware that your competitor will of course try to do the same to you, so be prepared to defend yourself and your company.
  5. Once a company has their stock rise to the value of 750, 1000, or 1500 (depending on the game settings), they dominate the Monster Industry, and will thus have won. Killing an enemy employee will raise your stock by 100, but you can also supplement it by trading in paper for stock.

Monster Industries Map

Papers can also be used to buy food, weapons, and armor, in order to better defend yourselves against the rivals company’s monster armies. You can also upgrade your resource production, which will allow you and your team to build bigger armies faster.

Monster Industries Map

Slave work is also allowed in this hellish industry, so don’t hesitate to buy slave workers to sign papers for you, they don’t mind, really (they don’t have a choice). And if you really want to annoy the other company’s employees, you can infect them with diseases, shut down their power supply, or even destroy their piping and flood their buildings. Just keep in mind that the very same things can be done to you!

Monster Industries Map

If you really want to personalize the other teams hell, name your monsters as well, and make them even more frightening!

Some more info about the Monster Industries Map:

  • 2 teams fight each other: Creeper Corp. and Ender Enterprises. You can chose the amount of players on each team yourself, but 3 per team is the recommended number.
  • Set difficulty to hard so monsters have an actual chance of doing some damage and killing players, medium and easy is no fun.
  • Players respawn when they die, and they keep all their items. This is done in order to make the flow of the game more fluid and fun.
  • Includes all new 1.8 blocks and features!
  • You can also spectate games with the newly added spectator mode if you don’t feel like joining the fray.
  • The map features 3 game settings:
    • Small Game: 750 stock are needed to win and slave workers are disabled. Recommended for few players.
    • Normal Game: 1000 stock are needed to win. 3 players per team is recommended.
    • Large Game: 1500 stock are needed to win. Makes the game last longer, and is recommended when you are more than 3 players per team.

Monster Industries Map

This map introduces a whole new way to PvP, one where you never interact with the enemy directly, and must use strategy, quick thinking, and team work in order to succeed. It is a lot of fun, and much more interesting than most generic PvP maps with swords and bows.

No mods or anything else is required for it to work, simply install the map to get it to work! Bring some friends or find a server, and let the mayhem begin!

Monster Industries Map

How to install the Monster Industries PvP Map for Minecraft:

  • Download the map.
  • Go to your %appdata%/.minecraft folder.
  • Open the “saves” folder.
  • Unzip the map you downloaded, and put the unzipped folder into the saves folder.
  • That’s it! Monster Industries should now be installed, so have fun and good luck!

Here you can see a full match of this glorious map, completely with a rundown of how to play, and how to win:

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