Minecraft Savannah Plateau and Mesa Seed: MiningAndCrafting


This is a very good 1.7.2 seed, with a cool Savannah plateau and mesa biome, as it spawns you right next to a desert village, and in pretty close proximity to a half-desert, half-plains village (with plains houses). You’re well connected from the get go which is great.

The seed also features a very cool and very tall Savannah plateau mountain with a waterfall, that can be made into many cool structures, or just be used as a very nice piece of scenery. It is one of the tallest natural mountains I have ever encountered, and this is not even an amplified seed.

There is also a mesa biome in this seed, although it is somewhat far away from the spawn, however seeing as Mesas are fairly rare and valuable, it is still included, and with the coordinates you should be able to find it without too many issues.

Seed: MiningAndCrafting

World Type: Default

X: 4.5 Y: 64 Z: 110

Last tested in Minecraft 1.7.2, should work in later versions as well, however due to the Mesa biome, it will not work in versions earlier than 1.7.2.

Here is your view from spawn, right next to the first village:

MiningAndCrafting Seed

Here is a better view of the first village, the desert village:

MiningAndCrafting Seed

And here you can see the other village, placed partly in a desert biome, and partly in a plains biome, structures are plains though:

MiningAndCrafting Seed

The very incredible and awesome Savannah plateau mountain with the waterfall, looks very good and is a great source of various building opportunities, you can build some very awesome bases in this mountain:

Savannah Plateau and Mesa seed for Minecraft

Finally, the mesa biome, some distance away from the spawn, but players should be able to reach it without too many issues:

Savannah Plateau and Mesa seed for Minecraft

All in all, this seed is pretty favorable towards players, as you are spawned close to two villages giving you those options right away, combined with the awesome Savannah plateau mountain and mesa biome this seed is pretty great for most players, with tons of opportunities for the intrepid explorer or builder.

Enjoy, and feel free to share any other cool stuff or places you might discover with others in the comment section.

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