Minecraft Updates

Minecraft 1.7.8 Update

This is a minor update with an update that support name changes in Minecraft. Name change will however not be possible before further updates – why this is we don’t know. Here is part of the name change FAQ: If I ban a player “Foo” and he changes name to “Bar”, will he stay banned? […]

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CST Epic Weapons Mod

CST Epic Weapons Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

Another weapons mod for Minecraft, the CST Epic Weapons Mod is one of the more lore-friendly and less overpowered weapons mod available, as you won’t find any +500 damage weapons here, but still upgrades and new weapons that are better than what you would find in vanilla Minecraft. Everything found in the mod, all blocks […]

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Pig Companion Mod

Pig Companion Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4

Are you craving more companions in your (Minecraft) life? Then the Pig Companion Mod is perfect for you! It lets you tame any pig in the world, similar to ocelots and wolves, and they will then follow you around and defend you with their life, if need be. The four variants of armored pigs. The […]

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Tiles Mod

Tiles Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

Tiles Mod is one of those smaller mods that doesn’t seem to change that much on the surface, but still have a massive potential for use. All the tiles available, laid out. The mod is quite simple, it lets you craft tiles out of almost every existing block, which functions similar to carpets in that […]

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HerrSommer Resource Pack

HerrSommer Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7/1.6

HerrSommer is a beautiful and cool resource pack, and one of the best “realistic HD” packs, which all has contributed to its huge popularity, as it is one of the more well-known and loved resource packs available. A nice looking park, made even better looking by HerrSommer. It has a HD semi-realistic look, but without […]

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3D Minecraft

3D Minecraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8 (Snapshot)

A cool “resource pack” that gives ladders, bookshelves, hay, dandelions, and rails a nice new 3D effect in-game, making them look better and not flat, but otherwise it has the same look as vanilla Minecraft. So not really a traditional resource pack, but not a mod either, it is easy to install and use, however […]

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