Minecraft 1.8

Monster Industries Map

Monster Industries PvP Map for Minecraft 1.8

Monster Industries is not your typical, run-off-the-mill PvP map where it’s 2 teams that must face off in melee or ranged combat. No, this is industrial combat which means espionage, sabotage, and most importantly, monster warfare! The goal of this map is to get your company’s stock to rise, while simultaneously preventing the enemy company […]

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CraftBoy Resource Pack

CraftBoy Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8

The CraftBoy Resource Pack resurrects the glory days of the GameBoy, by bringing its “fantastic” graphics to Minecraft! A surprisingly fitting match actually, as the textures and all look great and fit perfectly to the Minecraft aesthetic. CraftBoy is available in 3 different variant, each featuring a different iteration of the GameBoys classic graphics, the […]

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FEZR Resource Pack

FEZR Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8

The FEZR Resource Pack is based on the very popular indie game FEZ by Phil Fish. It is based on a years old texturepack by Edgepixel, but has been remade and updated, to bring you this new and updated version. FEZ is a colorful 2D platformer set in a 3D world (you can switch between […]

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SummerFields Resource Pack

SummerFields Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8

The SummerFields texture/resource pack is a rustic pack that is inspired by other packs such as JoliCraft, and by games such as Fable: The Lost Chapters. This also means that instead of making the game more colorful, this pack is more about making the atmosphere feel “warmer” and more relaxing, often by slightly changing and desaturating […]

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Cave-In Survival Map

Cave-In Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8

Deep beneath the world, in the vast underground depths, you will find bedrock. Normally, nothing can move past this point, and so the world is untouched, unspoiled, and full of mystery and danger. That is, until now.. In this map, surveyors of the Villager Mining Corporation has discovered a mysterious anomaly – an unstable chasm […]

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Diamonds Galore Seed

Diamonds Galore Seed for Minecraft 1.8

Everyone loves diamonds, and so do we, so here is a fantastic seed that allows you to get 15 of them right from the beginning! The Diamonds Galore Seed! In this seed you spawn right next to not one, not two, not three, not four, but five desert temples, several of them having chests full of […]

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Jehkoba's Fantasy Pack

Jehkoba’s Fantasy Pack Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8

I initially had my doubts about this pack, but after playing with it and testing it for a while, it has really grown on me. Jehkoba’s Fantasy Pack is obviously a fantasy-themed pack, and in that regard, it looks fantastic. It has a very bright and almost-whimsical quality to it, and the style is pretty […]

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Awesome Mountain Seed

Awesome Mountain Seed for Minecraft 1.8: 3657966

The main attraction of this spectacular seed is the Awesome Mountain, hence the name, the Awesome Mountain Seed. That is far from all this cool seed has to offer though, as you will spawn smack down in the middle of a village, so you will have the company of NPCs right from the start! Near this […]

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Rabbit Seed

Bunny Seed for Minecraft 1.8: 1926444278

This seed brings you one of the new mobs of 1.8 right at spawn, the bunnies (or rabbits, if you will)! The bunnies are of the gold variant, and they are right next to a cozy little NPC village, where one of the farms are in a cove. Nearby you will find a ravine with some pumpkins […]

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Awesome Starter Seed

Awesome Starter Seed for Minecraft 1.8: -516687594611420526

This Awesome Starter Seed is probably one of the better starter seeds out there, simply due to the amount of loot you can gain right off the bat, if you decide to find and loot the desert village with a desert temple smack in the middle of it. Seed info: Seed: -516687594611420526 World Type: Default Spawn: […]

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