CraftBoy Resource Pack

CraftBoy Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8

The CraftBoy Resource Pack resurrects the glory days of the GameBoy, by bringing its “fantastic” graphics to Minecraft! A surprisingly fitting match actually, as the textures and all look great and fit perfectly to the Minecraft aesthetic. CraftBoy is available …

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MojoKraft Resource Pack

MojoKraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8

MojoKraft is a highly detailed, high-definition, semi-realistic resource pack for Minecraft. A lot of buzzwords there. Important: MCPatcher or OptiFine is highly recommended for this pack, as it makes it that much more better looking, and might not work properly without either …

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Broken Anachronism Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7

What is an anachronism? From wikipedia: “An anachronism (from the Greek ἀνά ana, “against” and χρόνος khronos, “time”), is a chronological inconsistency in some arrangement, especially a juxtaposition of person(s), events, objects, or customs from different periods of time. The …

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